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xTests is a simple, easy-to-use, efficient unit- and component-test library, for multiple languages. Combining high discoverability and low coupling, xTests is a lightweight solution designed for use in verifying other libraries.

The current version covers C and C++ testing. It is implemented in C++ and expresses a C/C++-API. Its primary design features are:

  • Portability. It relies on no platform-specific or compiler-specific constructs. The only library it relies on is the 100% header-only, open-source STLSoft library. It works with a large number of C/C++ compilers. Importantly, it is sufficiently simple and lightweight that it is bundled with several other open-source libraries, and is an integral part of their automated unit- and component-testing in their builds.
  • Simplicity. It doesn't require pre-processing of your source code by scripting languages. It doesn't use macros to create secret classes that use Schwarz counters to register test cases. It relies on you to simply code what you want, and nothing that you don't want.

See the main documentation page for further details and examples.


The latest version of the library, 0.10.2, and all previously released versions may be downloaded from the SourceForge xTests project downloads page.

Dependent Libraries

xTests depends on the STLSoft libraries (version 1.9.70, or later).

See the main documentation page for further details.

Installation & Building

xTests is a source-only library, which means you must compile and link it in order to use it. Makefiles are provided for all the following compilers (on UNIX and/or Win32):

  • Borland: v5.5.1 or later
  • (Metrowerks) CodeWarrior: v8
  • Comeau: v4.3.3
  • Digital Mars
  • GCC: v3.2 or later
  • Intel: v6 or later
  • Open Watcom: v1.3 or later
  • Visual C++: v6.0 or later

(Note: compatibility has not been verified with all versions of these compilers. Some may have language incompatibilities that cause problems.)

See the main documentation page for further details.

Contact & Feedback

Contact and feedback is encouraged via the following:

For issues pertaining to either the STLSoft libraries you are encouraged to post to the STLSoft newsgroup.